Eggcellent Scotch Eggs

by - November 14, 2014

These scotch eggs are 'The Ones!'- reviewed by my other half and one of his friends. They are a little bit fiddly but so worth it, and not only gluten free but dairy free too!

You will need:
- 5 large eggs
- 300g gluten free sausage meat or I just skinned some gluten free sausages
- mixed herbs
- salt and pepps
- 125g plain gluten free flour
- 4 slices gluten free bread
- vegetable oil (to deep fry)


1. Boil 4 of your eggs for 8-10 minutes, depending on how you like them to be done.

2. Once happy your eggs are cooked, drain the water from your saucepan and cover the eggs in cold water so they cool down. Once the eggs are cool enough, peel off the shell and set aside.

3. Take your sausage meat and season it well with the mixed herbs and the salt and pepps, then divide the mixture into 4.

4. Flatten each quarter of your sausage meat so that you will be able to cover each of your eggs with it, beat your remaining egg and blitz your gluten free bread in a food processor until you have beautiful little breadcrumbs.

Now is the fun part! Time to assemble these bad boys!

5. Place the flour onto a plate or a flat surface and roll your eggs around into it, so they are covered in flour all over.

6. Now place the egg onto the sausage meat and wrap the meat around the egg. Be careful not to make any holes and make sure the egg is completely covered.

7. Place the sausage covered boiled egg into the beaten egg, roll it around to ensure it is completely coated.

8. Now just roll the scotch egg in the breadcrumbs until a nice layer is all over it and you're ready to cook!

9. Preheat a deep fat fryer to 180 c and place your scotch eggs into it, cook until the bread crumbs are golden and crispy (about 7-9 minutes).

10. Drain your scotch eggs and serve! Delicious!!



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