Pancakes! In Amsterdam

by - November 16, 2014

In February, my other half and I decided to do a trip to Amsterdam. Flights booked- Check, hotel booked- Check! Bags packed- Check!

Now, where on earth are going to be able to eat out there that is gluten free? So back on the internet I go, looking up if I can find anywhere gluten free for us to eat. There is actually quite a few places that serve up amazing gluten free meals for everyone to enjoy! From noodles to bagels, Amsterdam is rather gluten free savvy! And all very reasonable in price! However one of our all time favourite restaurants to eat at during our adventure in Amsterdam was a lovely little cafe called Pancakes!

We were starving after a lovely little mooch around the exquisite narrow streets of Amsterdam one morning and decided to find something sweet to munch on.

The pancakes were beautiful with the staff not hesitating to sort my other half out with a gluten free menu which clearly marked out what he could and couldn't enjoy with a large variety of pancakes for him to choose from!

After stuffing our faces with these delicious pancakes and watering it down with a couple of bottles of the most amazing chocolate milkshake 'Chocomel' we left feeling very full and very happy!

Thank you Pancakes! For our scrumptious breakfast in Amsterdam :)



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  1. Indeed, if you need a specialty restaurant Amsterdam is the place to be :)

    Hope you have a happy trip and good Monday!

    Kind regards,

  2. Im so glad others have been, it is a truly tasty place!! :)

  3. […] Back in 2014 we went to Amsterdam for a break with our good friends J and E! Amsterdam is great for gluten free grub and one of our favourite places to eat was a place called Pancakes!  […]