The Gluten Free Cafe Experience- Sussex Bread Company

by - November 13, 2014

It all started a few months ago when an old colleague of mine handed me a leaflet for a fairly local gluten free bakery. You can imagine the excitement as I looked on their website and Facebook, and saw all the delicious treats they had for sale. I had to tell my other half!!

Understandably he was just as excited as me, the only thing in the way now was the 40 minute trip up to them. However, we pondered and finally came up with an excuse to go. Amazingly by the time we had sorted out going up to this bakery they had branched out into a cafe! Even Better!!!

As we arrived, a table was laid for us and a menu displaying a tidy amount of gluten free goodies for us to enjoy was given to us and we where served. At this point I was a little nervous because I had brought along my little brother and sister, and they had never eaten gluten free before. However we all managed to find something on the menu that we loved.

I have to say the best part of the experience was that I could share my food with my other half (I am usually selfish and go for glutenous food when we are out) but on this occasion we could share and it was so lovely! In fact, we enjoyed it so much we ended up bringing some of the cafe's produce home for dinner. SCRUMPTIOUS!


I highly recommend this cafe, everything was just perfect and the prices where very reasonable.

Thank you Sussex Bread Company for making our trip to Worthing delicious!

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