Gluten Free Choux Choux Buns!

by - December 04, 2014

After The Great British Bake Off ended a couple of months ago, I wanted to have a little baking challenge of my own and so, I began looking into choux pastry. I can hand on heart say I am yet to see a gluten free profiterole in any of the local shops I go in, and my partner hadn't even heard of them being gluten free. So in my bid to impress him I did a bit of research and attempted to make some mini choux buns.

I am delighted to say they came out perfectly and now I am going to share with you the recipe.

These are soooo moreish you might want to double up!

You will need:
- 55g butter
- 75g plain gluten free flour (I used doves farm)
- 2 eggs, beaten
- 300ml fresh double cream
- 150ml water
- icing sugar (to dust)


1. Pre-heat your oven to 200c.

2. Now pop your butter and water into a saucepan, and heat until all the butter has melted and the water is boiling.

3. Once the water has started to boil, remove from the heat and put all of the flour into the saucepan. Beat with a wooden spoon until you have a dough.

4. Put the saucepan back on the heat and beat the dough for a minute or two until it is a semi dry, smooth ball.

5. Remove from the heat and leave for a couple of minutes to cool down.

6. Now add the eggs gradually and beat until they are incorporated into the dough. Make sure your dough isn't too hot so that you don't scramble your eggs when you add them to it

7. Grease a baking tray or line with grease proof paper.

8. Spoon the doughy mixture into a piping bag with a star nozzle and pipe the dough into little ball shapes on to the baking tray, or you can just spoon the mixture onto the tray.

9. Pop your little doughy choux balls into the oven and make yourself a lovely cuppa!

10. After about 15 minutes your choux buns will be risen, golden and beautiful, at this point remove from the oven and leave to cool for half an hour.

11. Whisk up your double cream until nice and stiff and spoon into your (clean) piping bag to fill up your choux buns. To do this you need to just lightly pierce the bun and squeeze the bag until there is enough cream in the buns.

12. Pop your icing sugar into a sieve and give your beautiful buns a light little dusting and...

Et Voila you're ready to indulge!


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