Sugar & Snow, Horsham- What a wonderful place to go!

by - December 06, 2014

My little sister is in the process of getting into Christs Hospital which has involved a couple of trips up to Horsham, one of them being today. Now, last time we went up I did a bit of research into whether there where any gluten free spots to eat and I found one that caught my eye. However we settled for a pizza but this time I was determined to drag the troops to Sugar and Snow .

Now, looking at their website they have a lovely, clear eat in and take out menu to feast your eyes on but nothing compares to the delights on offer if you visit the restaurant.

We arrived and where promptly seen to, being seated in one of their booth style seats which my sister particularly enjoyed as it was a little more private.

We where each given a menu and most of the food on the menu (apart from the obvious items containing say Oreo's or other gluten containing ingredients) is gluten free from savoury crepes to Belgian waffles and delicious milkshakes made with their own ice cream produced on site!!
An added bonus is the prices are very reasonable and there was no extra charge for gluten free food.

And the portions are huge!

We where all stuffed by the time we left and our happy tummies will defiantly be returning in the not so distant future!

Thank you very much to everyone at Sugar & Snow for making our naughty lunch in Horsham so scrummy!


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