Oodles of gluten free noodles- Mr Toy's Flying Wok, Chichester

by - January 02, 2015

Ok firstly: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Over Christmas we've been lucky enough to see a lot of our friends and family and even seen my other half's younger sister, who flew all the way from Kuala Lumpur to visit the family for Christmas!

As she is also gluten free so this was the perfect opportunity to go and explore some new yummy places to eat!

A new favourite for us is Mr Toy's Flying Wok in Chichester. A noodle bar offering different noodles (including 2 types of gluten free noodle and rice), a choice of meat or veg and a choice of sauce to go with it. I also had the pleasure of trying bubble tea for the first time whilst dining here, a warm or cold tea/fruit tea with different flavoured jellies or tapioca pearls for added flavour.

Food and drinks are all prepared to order right in front of you and there is a little seating area for you to wait or eat in if you have time to burn! The service is very quick and the people serving have a good knowledge of what gluten is, and what products contain it.

Thank you everyone at Mr Toy's for making our lunch in Chichester so lovely!

My other half enjoying his bubble tea!

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