Saim Thai- Lyndhurst, New Forest part 2

by - February 23, 2015

I probably should have blogged this first to avoid confusion but since when was being a Kalamity going to not be confusing!

Now I'm confused! Anyway...

After a pretty breezy drive to the New Forest and a morning of being so excited I skipped breakfast (bad Kyrie) I was STARVING! Like literally I would have eaten anything! Luckily this wasn't the case as my trusty sat nav and amazing navigator (thank you Miles) got us safely to Lyndhurst and then to some parking so we could begin to find the one thing on both of our minds... FOOD!

Surrounded by several restaurants offering gluten free delights we where spoiled for choice however one place which mainly stuck out was a Thai restaurant called Saim Thai mainly because it was empty which to us meant getting served quicker! We love oriental food, we cook a lot of it at home because there are a lot of gluten free substitutes in the shops now. However I have only ever been to one other Thai restaurant but this really was the bees knees!

The staff where knowledgeable about gluten free foods and there where only a few items on the menu that actually contained gluten.

I went for a vegetable stir fry, it sounds bland and I don't know how they did it but it was infused with delicious flavours and Miles went for a duck red Thai curry! (A bit more exotic) and we shared some sticky rice (more than enough for two). It was out of this world! I could live off it!

God knows why this place wasn't full to the brim but I highly recommend it if you are in Lyndhurst and fancy something different! Good show Saim Thai!

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