Project Shorts: Complete!

by - June 10, 2015

Last night after a complete disaster trying out the invisible hem setting on my machine (my fault, not the machines. Note to reader: not for newbs unless you are totally sure of what you are doing) I decided to hand hem the rest of A's shorts, which although it was time consuming, it was quite therapeutic and I am very pleased to write:


A hasn't seen them in the flesh yet as he is away visiting his better half's family ATM but I cant wait for him to try them on and I am so glad I finished them in time for his holiday! I will make sure I get some pics of A wearing them! For now you will have to just settle with these:

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="311,312,314,313"]

I am so happy with the outcome and I will definitely be using this pattern again!

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  1. Blind hems on the machine are tricky - I've only done a couple and that was with some expert help. Mind you, given you have mastered so much so quickly I'm sure you'll be doing them very soon!

  2. I hope so :) thank you Janey! xx