This Weekend's Antics!

by - June 08, 2015

Happy Monday all!

This weekend has been a rather quiet one for us, which has been lovely because I have been able to get my sewing machine out and start making my brother (A's) shorts! These shorts need to be finished in time because my lucky brother and his lovely partner are jetting off on holiday next week!

Anyway here is the low down:

I used the Kwik Sew 3267 pattern as A wanted some casual shorts and I thought that the welt back pockets would be a nice touch!

For the main body of the shorts I used this beautiful Paisley print lightweight denim I picked up from Always Knitting and Sewing for £4.80/half meter. Its soft to the touch and is just perfect for this project.

I think that A's partner and maybe even Miles might want a pair so I will be looking at other fabric options very soon!


I have learnt a lot of new techniques from this pattern alone such as inserting a fly zipper and doing welt pockets (which I am not sure are truly welt pockets but they look OK) and I will actually will go as far as saying I much prefer to make men's clothes that woman's! Just because us ladies like fitted clothing and men's clothing is, well, not as fitted! It was quite daunting at first but the instructions are very good- and if you're not sure on how to do anything just Google it!


Its not quite finished yet- I still have to do a few finishing touches, maybe I'll have time this eve but the whole process has been relatively easy.


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  1. Well done Kyrie. I shall have to come to you for advice on inserting fly zippers now you have worked this one out. x