A big catch up!

by - July 11, 2015

Guys, dolls I've been hiding again! Well... Not hiding, just enjoying this beautiful weather with friends and family! Lush! 

IVE BEEN NOMINATED FOR THE INSPIRING BLOGGER AWARD. Yes! Eeek! Janey of Jane Makes very kindly nominated me for the award and I am flattered! 

I understand there are some rules to the award so I'll get cracking:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and add a link to their blog.

Thank you Janey I was so flattered with the kind things you said about me! We are the blog queens! 

2. Display the award logo in a blog entry.


3. List the award guidelines so your nominees will know what to do.

(Follow this list nominees) 

4. State seven hidden facts about yourself or three things that inspire you.

I think I'll go for the facts.

1. I love zebras- everything about them. I am zebra mad, I even have a zebra print tattoo! 

2. I am scared of oranges and I hate spheres- not quite sure why but that's how I roll! (No pun intended!)

3. I left home at 17. Miss independent! 

4. I wanted to be a midwife when I was younger. I think I'm too impatient now. "Cmon baby, you're being evicted!"

5. I have never left Europe- this will all change in October when miles and I visit China! 

6. I once worked in a beauty salon doing manicures and pedicures, I still give my friends a treat mani/pedi when I'm feeling kind! They don't understand how I can touch feet- once you've seen one pair, you've seen 'em all!

7. I am very clumsy... Maybe not such a hidden fact, I got my nickname Kalamity Kyrie from my friends!


5. (Back to the list) 

Firstly I'd like to nominate Janey, although she has obviously been nominated already I just love reading her blog. She blogs about a lot of things including sewing and food and all her creations look amazing! She inspires me to keep going and she's helped me loads with starting up sewing again. Thank you Janey!

Next I'd like to nominate This Ordinary Life. It takes real guts to talk about your feelings out loud, let alone in a blog. I think your great! Dealing with anxiety is one of the hardest things to do and unless you've been there it's hard to explain although I did find a very good explanation here... 

Right now that's all done! Sorted! Thank you again Janey for the nomination :)

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