Planet Hollywood, London

by - August 06, 2015

So last weekend Miles, my brother A, his friend D and I went to London for a day out after our family had got us tickets to various activities in London for our birthdays- Thank you!!!

On this trip we went up The Shard OMG!! It’s so high! If you ever get a chance I deffo recommend going up there- it is truly breath taking seeing London carry on going by looking like ants and it’s a very interesting tour. Here are some pics I got:

After visiting The Shard, a cup of tea and a spot of shopping it was time for dinner. As part of our experience day (thanks again fam!) we went to have a meal at Planet Hollywood, in Haymarket.

We arrived slightly early but we were told we could grab a drink in the bar until our table was ready, which actually turned out not to be that long. When we were seated we were given a “gluten free menu” as requested on booking- which I thought was a nice touch. However, sadly that is as nice as it got. Because we were visiting PH on an experience voucher, we were told that we had to pick food from the set menu which offered a starter and a main rather than a main and desert. For us non coeliacs that was straight forward all that was to be done was to look at the menu and pick the food. Miles however had to cross reference the food on the set menu with the food on the GF menu.

Thinking about it I wouldn’t really call PH’s GF menu a truly Gluten Free menu it is mainly made up of their regular menu, but with the gluten removed for instance a burger or hot dog with no bun… or salad (*sarcastic yay*). I would have thought that a food chain such as PH would have put more effort into making a proper GF menu. Anyway Miles carried on, cross referencing these two menu’s only to find that he couldn’t have a starter (as there was no GF option on the gift menu) and he couldn’t have a main (due to other ingredients on the gift menu) however our waiter managed to sort Miles out with an alternative from the normal GF menu.

Once we had sorted all that out it was time to order drinks... Miles, being coeliac, is allergic to beer. When he asked the waiter if he could have cider instead of the house wine or a soft drink because he is allergic to it he was told that he had to have a soft drink or the house wine (which was like vinagar).

When our food arrived it was bland and didnt taste like it was cooked fresh. We tried to talk to each other but the music was so loud none of us could hear ourselves think let alone another person talking. The floor staff were tired and unattentive and unfortunatly the whole experience didnt leave us wanting more.

I wouldnt recommend going to this branch of Planet Hollywood if you are coeliac as there just isnt enough choice. Well certainly if you go on a gift voucher anyway.

Other than that little hick up, we had a lovely day! :)

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