Sussex Bread Company- The Return

by - August 27, 2015

So, a few weeks ago...The morning after perhaps a little too much to drink the night before Miles, my brother A and I decided to go for brunch. Seeing as we were that neck of the woods, we decided to venture out to Sussex Bread Company again, simply because it was delicious last time and A hadnt been before.

Upon arrival we could see a lot had changed, they have an extended menu, it is so large its written on the walls! There was so much more choice which was briliant!

A and I went for a Sydney Sunrise which was 2 slices of toasted gluten free sour dough bread, topped off with roasted tomatoes, poached egg, fresh basil and covered with hollandaise sauce.

And Miles went for a Hangover Special (I think!!). I did have a picture but it came out shockingly, and I only just noticed! :( Although I did try it and it was delicious!

According to their website they are in the middle of a makeover so I really look forward to seeing what it looks like after that!

Thanks again Sussex Bread Company! You deffo cured our hangovers!

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