by - October 14, 2015

Hello my blogletts, I've not been hiding from you all again, honest. Miles and I are in China!! Yay!

I wanted to post this earlier however the wifi in Our hotel is not the best and I wasn't able to upload pictures until now! I am currently sitting in a gaming lounge watching Miles get his gaming fix!

We have, seen some amazing views and places, and eaten some amazing food but I won't spoil the posts that are to come just yet (sorry guys & dolls) I'm starting at the very beginning... Our flight.

So we flew with Finnair, a Finnish airline. I'll be honest with you, before I booked the flights I had never actually heard of them before! But they seemed pretty reputable from research is done online so I thought what the hell!

As with any journey, we had to plan ahead and luckily we were able to book a gluten free meal for Miles online, through their website (mega handy) however after having issues with other airlines *cough* British Airways *cough* we were worried weather this request would have 'got through' to the airline.

So the morning of our flight Miles' mum (thank you!) drove us to the airport, we actually managed to find some gluten free food in the terminal too (LHR Terminal 3) which was gluten free for breakfast, amazing!


Yes, that peacan pie is actually gluten free and yes we are at an airport!

So... After the yummy breakfast let's fast forward a little to the flight. We take off, are offered something to drink and then eventually dinner time comes, the panic starts... The hostesses are bringing their trolley closer to our flight row, panic sets in. What if we have a repeat of last time... I had some snacks but not enough for the 8 hours left on the flight. So When the time came I said to the hostess "we ordered a gluten free meal for Miles?" And within seconds a hot gluten free meal appeared in front of him! Miles was very impressed here is what he got...  

I was so sleepy I forgot take a picture of his breakfast, but he assures me it was yummy!

We were really impressed with the service from Finnair, with other airlines and sometimes even restaurants we get a negative vibe when we ask for a gf menu or if we ask if gluten is in certain foods but Finnair treated Miles like nothing was any trouble at all. They were polite and the meal tray was clearly marked gf!

We will deffo be flying with Finnair again (not just on the way home) because they ticked all our boxes. Thanks Finnair for looking after Miles on our first steps in our big adventure to China!

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