Green Tea Ice Cream

by - November 14, 2015

Oh my goodness I love ice cream... It's one of my favourite things to eat ever! I could polish off a tub of Ben and Jerry's in minutes! Yummy!

In China they actually have a variety of ice cream, they have specific areas in Mc Donald's that you can order ice cream at, I even saw an ice cream shop that offered cheese and bacon in your ice cream!! (I didn't feel adventurous enough to try some) however I did try green tea ice cream which was amazing! The one from Mc Donald's had a hint of jasmine with it, which I thought was quite refreshing, however my all time fave green tea ice cream came from a shop called Dairy Queen it's simply vanilla ice cream whipped with matcha (green tea powder). Miles' sister gave me a sachet of matcha that she had got on her travels but you can get matcha at a few places in the UK, it is very expensive here though because we use it for protein shakes! Last night I decided I wanted some ice cream, green tea ice cream to be precise :)
 So I mixed my sachet of matcha with some vanilla ice cream and it was delicious!

  Not quite as perfect as the DQ in China but still very tasty!


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  1. Oh my gosh I WANT THIS. I'm obsessed with matcha powder things

  2. Where do you get the matcha packets? I feel like the Asian market would probably have them

  3. I've seen them on Amazon, but I'm sure you are right! An Asian market will surely have them :)