Korean BBQ Take 2… Told you I’ve been craving it bad!

by - November 03, 2015

So, if you read my post the other day about Korean BBQ you would have learned all about the meat side of things… Now I wanted to save this little beauty for a separate post because it is the queen of all comfort food. I don’t actually know how I have lived 26 years without it… until China.
Now, this dish goes under a variety of different names, I cannot speak Korean so I don’t know which one is legit but I will list the names it could be called: (According to Wikipedia)

- Teokbokki

- Ddeokbokki

- Topokki

- Dukboki

Do not ask me how to pronounce them… I am a blogger, not a genius!

Whatever it is called and however it is pronounced it is just glorious! Now before I start to describe it to you, you have to understand that in Asia they have something called rice cake. Yes, yes I know, we have rice cake too but theirs is very different to ours. Asian rice cake is soft and chewy, sort of a cross between a dumpling and pasta maybe?

Right, now that is out of the way, imagine said rice cakes in a slightly spicy red sauce with a generous hint of cheese in it. How can you not like the sound of that! Add in a few veg and there you have it… Ddeokbokki! As we did enjoy this dish with our Korean BBQ in China we ate it as before wrapped in a lettuce leaf, with a chunk of garlic and sauce. Delicious!

(My mouth is watering)

Anywayyyy moving on I had to have some more of this… the cravings got so bad I was dreaming Miles and I went all the way back to Ningbo, for lunch! So I decided to make some!

Now, when we were in China, one of the lovely girls we hung out with managed to get hold of some of the rice cakes and sauce for us, however the rice cakes need to be kept frozen and sadly didn’t make it back home but the sauce did! Now all I had to do was to find more rice cakes, however after a great deal of research I decided I was probably better off making my own (just in case I ended up accidentally poisoning Miles).

I managed to find an amazing recipe to do this here then all that needed to be done was to cook the rice cake in boiling water, add the sauce to the water, chop some veg, I used spring onions as we had some that needed to be used but literally any vegetable will do for this, some people even use eggs and Korean fish cake too. Then wait for the whole thing to thicken… Add some cheese, give it a stir and it’s good to go! (If you wanted to make your own sauce for this dish just google Ddeokbokki, I have found plenty of brill recipes that I cannot wait to try)


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  1. The rice cake looks amazing! I've never heard of this before. I might give it a try. xx

  2. It's so yummy :) even better with cheese too hehe! Xx

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