Sun Hung Chang- Haul Post!

by - November 06, 2015

So, last weekend Miles and I decided we needed some more Chinese groceries in our cupboard and so we decided that we would go to our local oriental shop to see what we could find. Usually I order a few bits online at Wai Yee Hong (another brilliant store) but this time I wanted to get some Enoki mushrooms and so we decided to venture to Sun Hung Chang.

As soon as you enter the shop it was like being transported back to Ningbo, but with the added convenience of having all the ingredients written in English on the packets. This made buying things so much easier as we knew exactly what was in the food!

They even have a bubble tea (milk tea) stand in the shop!! I love bubble tea and Miles does too, it was good… but you can’t get better than the bubble tea in China!


So on to our purchases! We did buy a lot but I will say it was exceptional value! And it’s all authentic stuff!

  1. Glutinous Rice Flour: I really wanted this for two reasons: Rice cakes! And I am also going to make pumpkin cakes too! (One day in the very near future).

  2. Enoki Mushrooms: Yay! I finally found them in the UK. These are to make my favourite Korean BBQ dish.

  3. Thai Glutinous Rice: This was a real steal! We are big sticky rice fans in the House of Kalamity and I fell in love with Chicken Sushi on our travels (Miles perfected the recipe last night… deets to follow) anyway we ended up getting 2kg for under £4!

  4. Sweet Red Bean Paste: often used in Japanese cooking (for making sweets and confectionery) I am going to use it in the middle of my pumpkin cakes.

  5. Sushi Ginger: a must for all types of sushi!

  6. Gram Flour: Perfect for making all sorts of batters and lush pakoras! I usually always have a packet of this in my cupboard.

  7. Deep fried Broad Beans: Now, this wasn’t on our list before we went to the shop, and we didn’t try them in China but my gosh they are just yummy! They’re sort of like giant dry roasted peanuts, so you’d eat them as a snack. We had a sample in the shop and loved them so much we got two bags!

So there you have it! Our Asian haul post! Thank you SHC we will definitely be back!


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  1. This is the first I've heard about the deep fried broad beans!! They sound amazing!!