by - December 15, 2015


This blog and all content is written and edited by myself, Kyrie. I am happy to accept forms of paid advertising, sponsorship and other forms of compensation for example, gifted products.

Any advertisements, posts with sponsored links or gifted items will be identified with a sentence at the end of the post which states this.

My opinion will not change based on any input from manufacturers and all opinions expressed will be my own.

The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely mine and are not influenced or biased.

The vast majority of the items I mention on this blog are items I have purchased myself with my own money.

If the case did arise of sponsored posts where I’m sent something to review for compensation, this will be clearly marked.

If you are interested in me writing a review about your product, please get in contact with me via the Contact Me page on this blog or feel free to email me at kyrieinkalamityland@gmail.com

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