Product review: Glutafin Welcome Box

by - April 07, 2016

Last week we had a box of products sent to us from Glutafin. Because we are new members of the Glutafin Club. As part of their Glutafin club, if you are diagnosed with coeliac disease and you register with them you can also receive a box of delicious gluten free goodies to try out.

Glutafin have been part of the gluten free scene for a while now and with 30 years experience under their belts they have some seriously tasty nosh on offer!

Glutafin offer a prescription service which means you can request their products on your prescription if you are eligible. All the information for this service is available on their website and they also send it out in their box of goodies which is very helpful indeed!

The first product from the box I will be reviewing is their crackers.


They arrived wrapped in packets of 6 crackers to retain maximum freshness. It also makes them handy to pop in a lunch box too!

They are perfect for savoury or sweet nibbles, we enjoyed them with some cheddar and chutney one one occasion but also we tried them dipped in white chocolate spread which was just as delicious! It actually reminded Miles and I of the KP Choc Dips he is unable to eat since being diagnosed.

We really enjoyed eating these, the packets were super handy too as the crackers stayed nice and crispy unlike others which when left opened do go a bit stale.

The next product I will review is their penne.


This came in a box which gave it an artisan feel and its also recyclable so eco-friendly too!

It had been a while since we had been able to get hold of penne as I always order fusili so Miles was very pleased when I used it to whip up a batch of Mac and Cheese! The pasta cooked well, there was no annoying 'al dente' bite but it didn't hold its shape as well as I had hoped but this may have been down to me over cooking it...who knows? However it was still very tasty and the 500g box goes a long way!

On to the loaves of bread. Now, we were sent two different types of loaf to try out and they are both very different.

The first one I will write about is the Seeded Sliced Loaf.


This loaf reminded me a lot of the Genius Seeded loaf. Although there were no holes in it (gf pet hate!) it was falling apart at the crust and I wonder if this is just a trait of seeded bread? It still tasted very nice had a good texture and and toasted up nicely, I did manage to make a sandwich out of a couple of slices and it tasted very nice, and had a nice doughy texture. There are plenty of seeds in it too which is always lovely to see.

The second loaf I cannot fault! It is honestly the best loaf of gluten free bread I have ever ever! The Fresh Brown Loaf is the future of gluten free bread.


My first experience with this bread was making Miles a sandwich (as you do!) and just the feel of it was so similar to 'normal bread' it was unbelievable. It held itself together really well, it was springy, there were no holes in it, it didn't pucker up when I put spread on it, the list goes on! I had to taste this bread, so the next day I did! It tasted amazing! I think that Hovis could learn a thing or two from this bread. It even makes a wonderful slice of toast!

Next up is the pizza bases.

We haven't purchased pizza bases for ages, we either use gluten free pitta bread or we just order in for a treat! I was really excited to use these pizza bases because I had found an amazing BBQ chicken pizza recipe, which I was dying to try out. The bases held together well and didn't leak out the base topping I used which was very nice (we don't like a soggy bottom!), and once the pizzas were cooked they were nice and crisp. They didn't crumble and even when cut the base still held together well.

Now, lastly but not least is the Part Baked Fibre Rolls.  

How can anyone not love the smell of freshly baked bread rolls wafting through the air. Personally I think it is a thing of beauty! These rolls are perfect for serving with dinner, dipping in soup or we sliced them up and had them with pate, fresh sliced tomato, some continental meats (salami, chorizo) and sliced mozzarella...delicious! The possibilities are endless, and they make a lovely sandwich roll too!

I've seen a few of these products popping up in some of the major supermarkets, I've also spotted their sister brand Dr Schar making an appearance in a few supermarkets and local smaller shops too! However I am yet to source a shop that stocks their beautiful brown loaf! It appears they only 'sell' it on perscription, but I may be wrong!

Have you seen any of the Glutafin/ Dr Schar products near you?

* Thank you Glutafin for the welcome pack! I have received no compensation for this blog post.

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