Product Review: Kent and Fraser Toasts

by - April 14, 2016

Kent and Fraser have very kindly sent us a range of their products to review. Rather than write one post with all the items on I will group the items together and then post them.

Kent and Fraser are a London based family artisan bakery.They have been on the scene since 2009 and have a beautiful range of biscuits, criscuits and toasts to choose from which are all gluten and wheat free! They have won 12 gold ‘Great Taste Awards’ to date and all their products contain no artificial additives, colours or preservatives.

I have written about their biscuits here and in this post I am going to write about their toasts. These reminded me of the little French toasts you can get (or used to be able to get), however much thinner but with bags more flavour... And of course 100% gluten and wheat free! The toasts are available in 3 different flavours: Olive Walnut & Pimenton, Cherry Peacan & Poppy Seed and Cranberry & Almond.


1. Olive, Walnut & Pimenton-


Kyrie: I loved the taste, and texture. You can definitely taste the olives in these and I think I will be buying this flavour again for dining with friends. They have a nice crunch to them too!

Miles: These were my favourite of the three, I really liked the taste and I felt they were more versatile too.

Marks out of 10:

Kyrie: 8/10

Miles: 8/10

2. Cherry, Peacan & Poppy Seed -


Kyrie: I loved the sweetness of the cherry mixed with the pecans, they would be perfect for an afternoon tea treat! These are my favourite of all three.

Miles: The dried cherry bits were chewy and nice which added some sweetness which I liked.

Marks out of 10:

Kyrie: 10/10

Miles: 6/10

3. Cranberry & Almond-


Kyrie: I also liked the sweetness of these too, they aren't as sweet as the cherry toasts and the almond is a perfect match for them. I think they would be perfect with a nice fruity Wensleydale cheese.

Miles: They were nice, very crunchy and sweet. I agree with Kyrie and think they'd be nice with a fruity Wensleydale cheese.

Marks out of 10:

Kyrie: 8/10

Miles: 6/10

Overall Non Gluten Free Comparison:

I definitely prefer these to the French toast I mentioned earlier in the post, each toast is packed with flavour and even though they are thinner they are very filling! They are perfect for cheese, pâté or just plain! We ate them for breakfast but the flavour is perfect for any time of day!

Overall Packaging:

The packaging is perfect for the toasts, like the biscuits the colours reflect the contents of what's in the box. I liked that the boxes are resealable too and instead of a window showing the contents there is a picture on the outside, so they can be completely resealed in the box.

*Thank you Kent & Fraser for sending us these to review. I have not received compensation for this post.

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