Product Review: Pudology Puds

by - April 16, 2016

Pudology were kind enough to send Miles and I some of their delicious puds to try out and review.

Pudology all started back in 2011 when business owner, Lucy Wager had the idea to create a range of deserts that are gluten and dairy free... That's right, gluten AND dairy free! Since then a range of 6 different delicious puds have landed in the shops and we couldn't wait to tuck in!

1.  Simply Sumptuous Millionaires' Pud-



Kyrie: This was my favourite, the layers of chocolate, caramel and biscuit were just perfect, and not too sickly! I loved that the textures were different, even though it was a very fine biscuit crumb at the bottom it mixed with the chocolate and caramel well. I couldn't tell it was gluten free, let alone being dairy free too. I chomped this one down and it went down a treat!

Miles: I liked this pud, it was nice and chocolatey and it went nicely with the shortbread at the bottom.

Marks out of 10:

Kyrie: 10/10

Miles: 7/10

2. Richly Indulgent Banoffee Pud-  Taste/Texture:

Miles: I REALLY liked this pud, I enjoyed eating it and it all went together so well! It was yummy!

Marks out of 10:

Miles: 9/10

3. Deeply Decadent Chocolate Pud-  Taste/Texture:

Kyrie: This was a very rich pud, very chocolatey and straight from the fridge the taste and texture reminded me of truffles, very nice! Mmmmm!

Marks out of 10:

Kyrie: 9/10

4. Smooth Chocolate Orange Pud-  Taste/Texture:

Miles: I'm not a fan of orange and chocolate, so unfortunately it was wasted on me. However if you like orange and chocolate you may really enjoy this pud!

Overall Packaging:

I really loved the bright boxes the puds came in, they really stand out from the crowd and I love the funky artwork on  the boxes too! The tubs the puds come in are excellent. you can reseal them if you don't finish the pud off and pop them back in the fridge for later. The tubs are also reusable and the perfect size for carrying a boiled egg to work for your lunch!

Where you can buy them:

- Holland and Barrett

- Ocado

- Waitrose

- Tesco

- Some local health stores
*Thank you Pudology for sending us your puds. We have received no compensation for this post.

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  1. These puds look and sound terrific in the review. I don't think they are I'm the US. Do you know if they are? I would love to buy some. Living nyc I come across a lot of imported foods I'll be keeping an eye out for them. Thx

  2. Hi Cathy, I've had a quick look and unforch, I think they are only available in the UK! However if I hear otherwise I shall let you know :) thank you for your comment!

  3. Awesome! I really appreciate that Kyrie, thank you very much. 👍

  4. Hi, I discovered these a few years ago at the Allergy Show in London. They are a real treat, Chloe.

  5. They're great aren't they Chloe! :)