Schar Glutenfree Summer: 4 Reasons

by - April 15, 2016


After having a sift through my mail the other day and finding an email inviting me to be part of the Schar Glutenfree Summer competition, I have decided to apply for it... How exciting!!!

What the Glutenfree Summer is all about...
Schar have teamed up with Acer, Sony Mobile and UNA Hotels and Resorts and together they have created the ultimate gluten free prize... A month travelling in Italy, being a Schar Traveller. All the information about the competition can be found in the link above, what a jolly amazing prize!

viva l'Italia!


So, as part of my application, I have to write a post explaining why I think Schar should pick me to be their Schar Traveller so here goes...

  1. I have never been to Italy- That's right... I am a quarter Italian and I have never been to Italy... despite this it has always been my dream to go and a whole month should just about do it! WOW!

  2. Italian food is sooo delicious- A great deal of the food I cook is inspired by my roots and it would be great to sample all the great gluten free offerings available to coeliacs (and I am sure Miles would agree too). Pizza, pasta, mozzarella, olives, lemons, GELATO!

  3. I get to share ALL my findings with YOU!- If I get picked to go to Italy I will keep you all posted with all my wonderful finds on the blog and through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!!

  4. I'm saving the best until last here...Spreading gluten free awareness- When in a foreign country, it can be difficult to plan if you aren't sure if you will be able to eat! You want to be able to relax, and enjoy yourself... Not worrying about if you are going to be able to eat dinner or not. This is my mission, as said on my 'About Me' page. I want the world to be a gluten free friendly place and I am conquering it one country at a time.

I am currently waiting for my application to be approved, which could take a couple of days and once it is up and I have a link I will post it here!

Thank you for reading and have a great weekend!

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