Chicken & Rice n Peas

by - May 06, 2016

Following our trip to Ting’n’Ting in London last month, and a new love for Rice n Peas I decided to attempt to make it. I did a little research on the internet, as I had no idea how to get such amazing flavours and such creamy rice and came across this recipe. So I gave it a go and the result is amazing. The only thing I will suggest is that the rice pot is left uncovered and you continuously stir it only because my rice was sticking to the bottom of the pan I was using.

To go with our Rice n Peas I made some of my honey and mustard chicken kebabs. You don’t have to use chicken though; any meat or meat substitute will do (for the veggies out there). These are so easy to make and the longer you can leave your chicken/meat/meat substitute to marinade the more flavoursome it will be!

You will need: (makes enough for 2 hungry people)

- 2 chicken breasts

- 1 tablespoon honey

- 2 teaspoons of mustard per person (we used the mustard with the seeds in it)

- Some skewers

- 1 bell pepper (the colour is your choice)

- 4-5 mushrooms

1. Start by dicing your chicken into 1 inch squares, and then add to a bowl with the honey and mustard. Cover and pop in the fridge for at least 30 minutes or overnight (I left mine for about an hour and it was lovely).

2. Once you have marinated your chicken chop your mushrooms and peppers so they are a similar size.

3. Take a skewer and thread your mushrooms, peppers and chicken on it until you reach the top. Repeat the process until all the chicken and veg is used up.

4. I used a George Forman Grill to cook these but I imagine the will cook just as well using an oven or even on a BBQ. These only take about 10 minutes to cook on George, give them a turn over half way through to make sure it's nice and even.

5. They are ready to serve. Ta Da!

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