Lemon Honey Tea

by - May 19, 2016

So, while we were in China, both Miles and I were unfortunate enough to catch a nasty cold, one of the nastiest colds I have ever had! It was GROSS!

Rather than reach for pain killers, we were advised to try drinking lemon honey tea. Much to my surprise it actually really helped keep some of the nasty effects of a cold at bay!

I currently have another cold! A day after my birthday! - not impressed! And after spending the day feeling very sorry for myself after some trusty Strepsils didn't do the trick, I came home and made myself a lovely lemon tea! I'm now much more comfortable!

Ok... So there is a downside to this. You do need to prepare this in advance and I was very lucky to have had a big batch on the go for a couple of weeks now. But it keeps for ages in the fridge so get a batch on now and you'll never be without this delicious tea again!

I actually found this recipe online somewhere but it was a while ago now and I can't find the link anywhere! The recipe is so simple though, it is one I will never forget, and it goes a little like this...

You will need: 

- 1 large clip top jar

- 2 lemons

- 1 bottle of squeezy honey, or a jar of your favourite (just make sure you have enough to cover all the lemons in the jar)


1. Boil a kettle and pour the water into the jar, clip it shut and give it a shake so that the jar is sterilised before you use it. Top out the water and leave to air dry.

2. Slice your lemons. Now, I like mine about a centimetre thick but you can slice yours as thick or thin as you fancy!

3. Put the lemon slices into the jar and cover with the honey.

4. Now is the best bit, give it all a jolly good stir, and pop the jar (clipped closed) into your fridge. Continue to stir every day and after about a week it is ready to use. I love seeing the honey and lemon turn into an amber syrup over the course of the week.

5. To make the tea, take a couple of the slices of lemon and a couple of tablespoons of the liquid and pop it into a mug. Cover with boiling water and drink just as soon as it is cool enough! Lemon heaven!

You don't have to have a cold to enjoy this drink, we love to drink it whenever, it's just so yummy! Also if you find the tea too sweet or not sweet enough try adjusting the amount of liquid you add to the boiling water when you make up the tea.

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  1. You can't beat a fresh lemon honey tea for a cold, Chloe.