Gluten free glazed ring doughnuts!!!

by - September 19, 2016

Ok before I start…we are about to enter serous territory. This post is no post for the bloggletts out there on a diet.

If you are on a diet/watching what you eat/trying to lose weight… then I strongly advise you close the browser and walk away now (unless you're planning a cheat day).


If you are not on a diet/watching what you eat/trying to lose weight, my darlings, I bring you the most delicious, squidgy, sticky, glazed doughnuts recipe. Not only are they beautiful to look at, they are everything you could want in a gluten free doughnut and more.

It all started one day, I was researching into the wonders of glutinous rice flour (or sweet rice flour) having got some a few months ago at our local Asian grocery shop. Despite the suspicious name it is 100% gluten free. (I pinky promise)

So, on my search for recipes for this marvellous powder, I found a recipe for doughnuts. I have made gluten free doughnuts before and they weren’t bad, but they lacked a little something and I couldn’t put my finger on it.

Behold! It was sweet rice flour all along! I prefer these doughnuts to ‘normal’ doughnuts and Miles was very impressed when a batch of these bad boys was laid in front of his nose!

Seriously… this flour is life changing! Have you ever tried to make some shortcrust pastry, or even rolled out a packet of the pre made stuff only to have it stick to the surface (despite using flour to prevent this) then when you go to lift it, it falls apart! Well, this flour doesn’t behave like that; this flour is so close to ‘normal’ flour I still can’t believe it! You can stretch it, you can lift it, and you can wave it like a flag if you want to and it won't fall apart!

As I have said before, I can take no credit for this amazing discovery… as I am not the mastermind behind this incredible cookery, but I will share a link to her blog page… and of course the recipe for the doughnuts!

These are seriously addictive (Although I have only made them once, I have thought about them at least three times a day since), and really not hard to make. Make sure you read the whole recipe before beginning to cook and you will have amazingly perfect doughnuts in no time!

The only snag is… you may have difficulty sourcing the sweet rice flour in which case I will add a few links below to where you can purchase it (UK) online. (Trust me, it will be soooooo worth it):

- Sous Chef

- Japan Centre

- Amazon

The glazes you can add on top are endless…What is your favourite doughnut topping?

I am going to try chocolate with hundreds and thousands next!

Happy dough-nutting peeps! 🍩

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