by - October 06, 2016

My brother sent me a link to something really interesting last week, something you may have heard of (similar to Kickstarter). It’s an initiative set up by Tesco which allows small food and drink businesses to run campaigns to ask for funding so they are able to grow.

The idea is, they show off their product(s) to us (the backers) on the Tesco Backit website and then if you like the products enough that you want to ‘Backit’, you then choose how much money you want to put into the campaign depending on the tier that catches your eye.

Anyway, the particular Backit campaign which I was sent was a campaign for a business called B-Tempted.

B-Tempted are a small gluten free bakery in London, which makes delicious looking and tasting cakes which contain, absolutely no gluten, preservatives, artificial flavours or colours YUM!


They have won multiple awards for their cakes including a Great Taste Gold Award and are hoping to raise £5,000 through the Backit campaign. If they manage to hit that target they will be able to buy an automated depositing machine which will mean they are able to produce more cakes and possibly get them to a shop near you!

Of course you can buy their cakes online and in shops such as Harrods, Fortnum & Mason and Selfridges, which is a trip to London for us and many other coeliacs but having a supply of yummy cakes at your local supermarket is far more convenient.

You can pledge from as little as £1. I will be pledging and I hope you do too, because I believe this is the way forward. Not gluten free cake… well maybe partly, but small businesses like B-Tempted because the more businesses there are  making gluten free foods, the more variety Coeliacs and  people with gluten intolerances will have.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and I just want to add that I have received no compensation for writing this post.


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