New GF Finds: October (And a GF giveaway!)

by - November 09, 2016

Evening blogletts, I have decided to add a new section to my blog to inform you all about the tasty new things Miles and I have found each month... or thereabouts!

So, I am starting with October. The month when it starts to get colder outside, and more comforting food is needed... and much warmer clothes. When the festival of October, more commonly known as Oktoberfest is celebrated and of course, my favourite holiday... Halloween. And when the leaves fall off the trees and leave a beautiful carpet of reds, browns and oranges all over the place...

... Here is what we discovered.

1. Birds Eye Gluten Free Fish Fingers: So… I found these online while doing my food shop at Tesco, they were cheaper than the Tesco Free From Fish Fingers and you get 2 more fish fingers in the packet!! So I guessed we should try them. We quite liked them they were crunchy, and the fish tasted nice, they cooked quickly too and held together nicely in a fish finger sandwich. I’d buy these again because they did what we wanted and the price was good!

Birds Eye 12 Gluten Free Fish Finger 360G
2. IKEA Chicken Meatballs: On a recent trip to IKEA with my coeliac friend C, we picked up a couple of bags of these little beauties. They taste very authentic and are packed with flavour and they take very little time to turn into a delicious speedy dinner…There seems to be a theme here! I will definitely be buying these again as they are a bargain and taste damn good! NB: IKEA also make vegetable ‘meatballs’ too which are gluten free! Be aware the traditional meaty meatballs are not GF!

Image result for ikea chicken meatballs gluten free
3.Gluten Free Peroni: So … there is a bit of debate about whether beer which is sold as GF, is actually GF. The reason behind the debate is because sometimes on the label the ingredients say it contains barley… which would really upset any coeliacs’ applecart! However, we have done a bit of research, because poor Miles really wanted to drink beer at Oktoberfest. We found out that during the process of brewing the beer the gluten is removed from the barley so that is in fact safe for coeliacs. Remember though kids… this rule only applies if the beer is advertised as gluten free. Unforch, Gluten Free Peroni is more expensive than traditional Peroni, but it tastes amazing so it is worth it and we have already been back for more! (We are not alcoholics…honest!)

4. Sainsburys Gluten Free Tortellini: So, Sainsburys have added a lot of new stuff to their gluten free chilled section recently. We don’t really do a big shop at Sainsburys, but on an odd night when we ‘have no food’ and I need to cook fast or we won’t be eating dinner I’ll pop in and pick up something new for us to try. The tortellini is amazing, you can get it in 2 different flavours and both are delicious! Although it is a tad on the expensive side, the taste and convenience of it is worth it.

Image for Evexia Ricotta Spinach Tortelloni Gluten Free 250g from Sainsbury's

Have you managed to try any of the products I have listed here? What are your thoughts on them?

*Exciting news, I am running a competition. Head over to my Facebook page and you will find more info! Remember, you have to be in it to win it!*

I will leave you with a lovely picture of Miles and I in our Oktoberfest outfits...Miles is enjoying his Peroni :)


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